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A Visit to The Upper Realms

I came to stand before Them.  "Who is Them?", you ask? Them is They, the Eternal Ones, The Divine Ones Who Have Been And Will Alwa...

Saturday, December 26, 2015


What will they do without me, if I leave? It's why I have been coming back. Again and again. For eons. My babies. My Children.

I cannot leave them.

It's why I keep returning. It's why The Mother keeps coming back.

I cannot leave them.

I will not leave them to suffer this,

I am here, calling, my children. Come, follow.

To Enlightenment.

To Balance.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The First Memories

It was a beautiful world. A peaceful world. We were all together then. Happy we were. And then it happened. They came. They had cut a path across the Universe, a path of destruction. A path of Evil.

I was leading the group that attempted negotiations with them. It was my duty. My most trusted were by my side.

My first mistake was in believing that we could negotiate with them. For peace, to save the world. We were given a choice, be enslaved or die and have our world destroyed. I did not accept the terms.

My second mistake was not realizing we had a Traitor in our midst. Someone who had their own agenda.

The negotiations failed and the destruction of the planet became imminent. A decision was made to get everyone we could away to another planet. While that plan succeeded, it did not come without a cost. We came to Earth with no memories in tact. Whether or not this was intentionally done by the Traitor, who was in charge of the transportation side of the project, I do not know as of yet.

We have spent lifetimes here, apart, no memories. All the while, the Traitor manipulated me in each lifetime. To fulfill His own agenda. Leaving ,my kin out there alone and lost.

And They have been here, too. Seeking yet another world to destroy, another people to enslave.

But now mine own are waking up, remembering. And again we will stand against Those who would destroy the place ourselves and others call Home.

And as for the Traitor? The Trickster who had his own agenda? I will be dealing with Him myself. For now, I remember everything. He set this course of events in an attempt to have something that was never meant to be His. And in doing so, put the entire planet at stake. Tsk, tsk, for fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on  me. You won't be fooling me twice, Traitor.

Friday, November 13, 2015

There is no "I"

We stand together deep within the castle. Clad in shadows.

"We can no longer remain hidden here."

"We must emerge, for the sake of all, for our own sake."

We present ourselves in The Upper Realm. To ask for Blessings. To ask if what we do is the Will of The Divine, The Mother, The Father.

We are presented with Gifts, to symbolize and bless our decision.

New cloaks that shine in the darkness, so we cast aside our shadow cloaks.

New armor that shines as well, so we cast aside our shadow armor.

Our time in hiding has passed.

We return to the castle.

We look down from the battlements and see all those that have gathered, all those we have called. They are waiting.

We open the gates of the castle.

We emerge from its dark depths to join the others.

Now, to complete the task, the mission.

We are One.

Monday, October 19, 2015


How many times have I wielded the sword only to cut my own throat? oh, the memories, they return now, and the pain. the pain. I wage a war against myself again and again. how many eons has it been? no more. it ends now.

A Defeat in battle

Am I doomed to be alone forever, Mother? What have I done in the past to deserve to be so alone. I have sought The One for eons.....perhaps we are not meant to be.  If this is to be my fate so be it. I will continue to serve You and Father and The Divine as best as I can. Stand Sure. There is no Death, there is no Pain, there is no Fear, there is only Peace and We are ONE.

An icy death

My heart has been run through. I lie on the ice and scream in agony. I call to Mother and Father and The Divine to save me. My lover stands over me his sword red with my blood. My eyes go dull as I freeze fast to the ground. Release at last. It is finally over. I won the battle....


I tear myself from the frozen ground stand and let out a battlecry that levels my enemy. "Betrayal only inspires me to fight harder!" I scream at my lover. He is on his hands and knees, too stunned to speak.  I call for my  brothers and sisters to join me in conquering the mountain.......

All Alone

Alone again tonight. My heart frozen in ice again. Awaiting your breath to warm it to life. Must I search another eon? Or is this simply my fate.....do you even exist? Doubts cloud my mind. I continue along my path....all alone.

The Race

I am running a race to rejoin the Divine. I run alone, no one seems to be able to keep up with me. Sometimes I slow, and linger for a while, but never for long. I have my eye on the prize. But sometimes I question: "Will I be alone? Or will there be others there to greet me? " If Nirvana is the Ultimate, will I just be in a state of bliss? Not caring if I'm alone or not? Will my state of existence be frozen like I am here? Or will there be movement? Adventure? What is existence without struggle? I have known no other way....fighting battle after battle. What happens when I win the war? Does it even matter? I've been told by my Brother that it is not the destination but the journey itself is what is to be cherished. The race. The journey. Some days I feel so tired I want to lay down and cease to exist. To just be done. Other days I feel renewed, light on my feet, the steps come easy. What is the Truth? What is the Goal? And isn't the end only a new beginning?


and the Wheel turns on and on, ever faster......but what is at the hub of the Wheel? The Divine? Change, grow, shift, rearrange....I desire something new....such as the new beginning that will come with Spring. I am ready to awaken, shed my old skin and greet this great adventure we call...LIFE.

The Mantra

We are One. We are Strong. We are Safe. We are Protected. We are free from Fear and Danger.
There is no Death. There is no Pain. There is no Fear. There is only Peace.
We are One.


I was told I needed to learn patience...I have never had any. One to always jump, react, quick to judge, quick to fight...I never saw the point of waiting...
Now I do.
I prefer now to stand back and observe...look around...at all possibilities...be more cautious, les reckless, not so fast....give myself time to listen to my own inner voice more....and really listen and do what feels right and good....
I still ask a lot of questions...I'm just more willing now to wait for the answers.....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cutting Ties

The last of the old Guard has been sent away. They All still haunt me sometimes. Did I fail them somehow? Or is it the other way around? Did they fail me? Fail US? In the end, They failed Themselves.

And where are YOU? This has become a last Deed, an final Test. For I have come to accept that I must do this alone. All this Time I waited. Hoping to find you, I lingered HERE. No more. Perhaps you await me on the Other Side. I do not know. It no longer even matters.

I have learned. I need NO ONE but Myself. I will see this last task done. And then, I will linger HERE no longer. I will go ON.

Goodbye, my Love. Goodbye to those I once called Brothers and Sisters.

Once again, I begin.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Deeep Thoughts

Had a thought today. I'm always worried about leaving those I love (which is everyone, really) behind. But what if I didn't have to?

What if I could take them all with me?

And then, it hit me...

What if I didn't have to? What if I could change it all? For the better?

Since I am Divine, having this experience, in the physical, and The Divine is Creator of All..Why can't I change it ALL?

I always said this time would be different...

And it shall be....This time I change it ALL!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Own Fate

I have known for a very long time, since the beginning really, how this will all end, here on this planet. I have also known my own Fate.

I will fulfill my Duty here and then my task will finally be done. I look forward to that Day.

What I know, the Others do not.

My Duty is to get them to a place where they can go on, at Peace, Enlightened. All on Their own.
Perhaps that place is this planet...but I think not. It has become, too corrupted.
And a Deal, for their very souls, must be made.
Something must be sacrificed.

I will not be joining them.

I will be leaving, never to return.

It pains, me, not to tell them. They will resist my leaving. But I desire rest, peace. An end to suffering.

I am so tired. I have been here since the beginning. Since The Divine, The Source manifested in the "physical". I remember dwelling amongst the Stars.

I remember before I inhabited a physical body. So long I have been alone. But I remember, being told, that this is a burden I must bear alone. For as my Mother and Father and The Divine tell me, to lead, is to be alone.

Now, once my task is done, I will return to The Cosmos. And know, at last, They are safe.

And so, I wait...watching the sand drain in the hourglass. I prepare them as best I can.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Meeting

I saw you again today, up there, amongst the stones. Your back turned. I keep calling you. Why won't you come? I'm so tired. Tired of this, trying to lead these stupid people, all alone. Where are you? Why won't you come? What will it take? Dying again? Is that all? Haven't I done enough of that? Sacrificed enough? Face me!! Who are you? Where are you?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sending out The Call

On the Astral Plain:

Brothers and Sisters! I am calling you! All the Warriors of Light and Love and Life and Justice! See ME! See the torches I have lit shining in the Darkness. Here my Call!

Our time is NOW! To gather, to rejoice! To defend Light, Love and Life. To restore Balance to The Cosmos.

Hear the deep horns calling! Hear the drums pounding! Hear my Voice!
Have no Fear! The Divine calls US ALL!



I'll be expecting you....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In the Upper Realms

Another gift given. A great shield. Once again, I am curious as to its name.

"What is it called?" I ask.

My answer is, as a smile,

"You already know."

I secure Divine Grace to my back, along with Divine Love and Divine Justice and leap back down into the Lower Realms.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Divine Gifts

Far above the astral plain, I bow before The Divine and The Mother and Father.

"I am here to serve."

"I am here to work Your Will"

These are my vows to Them, to All.

I am presented with two great swords.

One shines with a light so bright I cannot look at it directly.

One is so dark, it seems to consume all.

I take the swords and ask, "What are Their names?"

"You KNOW" is the only answer I receive.

Smiling, I sheath Divine Love and Divine Justice on my back and leap back down to the lower realms.

Monday, February 2, 2015


I feel you, deep in my bones. The time is here. I cast doubt and fear to the winds. The winds change everything. Transform it. While others fall by the wayside, in their fear and reluctance, more still hear my calls and form up with me. We form ONE. A line of light. WE ARE ONE!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I see you

I see you. And I cry every day. Knowing you are bound. Knowing they torture you as they did me. for things they already know the answers to. They enemy works so hard now. I am so tired of their bullshit. I know you have been delayed. I work to free you, where are you? You know I am so lonely, so lost without you. The brothers, they try to fill the space, to no avail.. I don't know what to do anymore , to make things right. The weight is so heavy, the weight of this fucking universe. remind me again, why in the hell we agreed to all of this? and to those who are the enemy: just keep on spying....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I've heard nothing of you, from anyone, except you. I know why that is. I know. It's so hard, not having you here. How long have we been apart? Eons? I do not understand why we chose to be separated like this. All for a bunch of fools, who hate us for trying to help them? They prefer sleep. I prefer home. But it doesn't even exist any more does it? Can you tell how bitter I've become about all of this?  Time is moving so fast now. It's getting closer, I know. We are getting closer. Dare I even entertain the thought of a reunion with you? Soon? Time, we now it really means nothing...but the separation, it does mean something.

I know why we did this. But why did it have to be us? I almost lose my temper, hearing the reply, "Because that is why you were created." I suppose everyone must have some sort of purpose. And this is mine.

I'm just lonely, now, without you.

We are one.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


It's getting harder and harder...more and more attempt to block me, stop me, alter the course of things...distraction, distraction...but I am wise to that game, because I have played it myself..even to myself...no more, no longer....So, I keep clearing the way, the way to YOU....

Friday, January 23, 2015


You make me laugh, you amuse me so much. I cannot wait to see you in this lifetime. So long have we been parted, my love. It is drawing closer now, our time. I have been clearing the way...but YOU already know that don't you? Because I know you are doing the same. Once we are together, nothing, no one will be able to stop us. I actually pity those who will try.  It is all becoming clearer now...and I know, as things are with me, they are with you. It won't be much longer....I am in you and you are in me. WE ARE ONE!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Utter Disgust

I'm sick to death of those who refuse to act. Those who just say they wait and talk and talk...and do nothing...why should I even keep trying to save them? If they are so unwilling to save themselves...I'm a survivor, if anything, I will recede and return to the shadow and shade...and survive...let this world, this universe burn...they have no one to blame but themselves....


I am a force,
A hurricane,
A tornado,
A volcano.

I cannot be stopped,
By anyone or anything,
I walk a path,
Pulling ahead.


The first step was the hardest, and the easiest.

Blessed Be!

A Word...

I will give it all, this body, for what is true and right and good. Those that love me, they do not know that yet...at least, I pray they do not....I am so tired. I want to go home. to peace. I miss my soulmate, my twin flame, how long we have been parted....I am so tired now...

A Plea

please, I am reaching out to you now, You know who You are, help me, help Us,  the Divine, the Mother, The Father, to  restore peace and grace and love into this world....


Great Mother,

You have taught me, at last, to accept who and what I am. That it is okay to be me. That not all in existence mean good and light and life. And that it is okay for me to oppose anyone, anything that does not serve yourself, The Father, and The Divine.

While it pains me to know the Truth of myself. I do not want to oppose anyone, anything. I want only Peace. I have also come to accept, why I came to be, why I was created.

If it is a WAR they want, then so be it.

You know my heart, Momma...you know, even as they seek to destroy me...I grieve for them...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Message to "The Trickster"

Long ago, you stood there, silent, and they hung me because I would not betray myself or the Others. Lifetime after Lifetime, you have appeared and altered me from my course, my DESTINY. Not this lifetime. You are not The One, you never were. And to say you are The One, is blasphemy on your part. You manipulate people and circumstances to your own ends, while claiming to be an agent of The Divine, saying NO ONE is POWERFUL enough to stop you, harm you. You are sadly mistaken. Heed my words: DO NOT GET IN MY WAY, IN THE WAY OF WHAT I AND THE OTHERS ARE DOING, FULFILLING OUR DIVINE MISSION IN THIS LIFETIME. IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR YOU. DO NOT TRY TO STOP MYSELF AND THE ONE FROM REUNITING. EVER AGAIN. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST ME, IT IS NOT ME YOU WILL HAVE TO FEAR. IT IS THE DIVINE'S RETRIBUTION YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE. You have a choice, to work with us, or against us. You cannot serve yourself and your desires.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Line Has Been Drawn

Eons ago, a line was drawn. Between The Divine and The Enemy. Between Good and Evil. I accepted a Mission, long, long ago. To stand against all The Evil in Existence. In this current lifetime, I, and many Others, will take Our Final Stand against YOU. Never forget, where You came from. You came from The Divine, too. But, You, as were ALL BEINGS created by The Divine, were given FREE WILL. You still have TIME to change, to evolve, to alter Your Course. Because if You do not. I, WE will continue to STAND AGAINST YOU. We have tired of the SUFFERING you inflict. We desire to return HOME, to reunite with THE DIVINE. Never forget, The Divine has the MASTER PLAN. YOU are a part of that Plan, too. Eons ago, a line was drawn....

Saturday, January 3, 2015


They take what they want, Drain me dry, I'm left alone, Left to die. They brought me to my knees, But I am strong, I rise stronger yet, And I see this wrong. I pray to The Divine, For Justice to be given, I have faith all will be well, Most forget, I am driven. There will be no mercy, My screams of pain, Turn into a battle roar, Hear me! Those who have taken from me, Justice will fall on you like rain!! Inspired by invents that took place in November 2012 at the hands of the police and correctional officers.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Future

I have seen the future....and it is wonderful! I look so forward to peace! Better things for the planet I currently inhabit...and then finally being able to return HOME!! So looking forward to that!! I'm so very tired....but cannot, will not stop now, when everything I've ever fought for, dreamed of is so very close!