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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The First Memories

It was a beautiful world. A peaceful world. We were all together then. Happy we were. And then it happened. They came. They had cut a path across the Universe, a path of destruction. A path of Evil.

I was leading the group that attempted negotiations with them. It was my duty. My most trusted were by my side.

My first mistake was in believing that we could negotiate with them. For peace, to save the world. We were given a choice, be enslaved or die and have our world destroyed. I did not accept the terms.

My second mistake was not realizing we had a Traitor in our midst. Someone who had their own agenda.

The negotiations failed and the destruction of the planet became imminent. A decision was made to get everyone we could away to another planet. While that plan succeeded, it did not come without a cost. We came to Earth with no memories in tact. Whether or not this was intentionally done by the Traitor, who was in charge of the transportation side of the project, I do not know as of yet.

We have spent lifetimes here, apart, no memories. All the while, the Traitor manipulated me in each lifetime. To fulfill His own agenda. Leaving ,my kin out there alone and lost.

And They have been here, too. Seeking yet another world to destroy, another people to enslave.

But now mine own are waking up, remembering. And again we will stand against Those who would destroy the place ourselves and others call Home.

And as for the Traitor? The Trickster who had his own agenda? I will be dealing with Him myself. For now, I remember everything. He set this course of events in an attempt to have something that was never meant to be His. And in doing so, put the entire planet at stake. Tsk, tsk, for fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on  me. You won't be fooling me twice, Traitor.

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