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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Line Has Been Drawn

Eons ago, a line was drawn. Between The Divine and The Enemy. Between Good and Evil. I accepted a Mission, long, long ago. To stand against all The Evil in Existence. In this current lifetime, I, and many Others, will take Our Final Stand against YOU. Never forget, where You came from. You came from The Divine, too. But, You, as were ALL BEINGS created by The Divine, were given FREE WILL. You still have TIME to change, to evolve, to alter Your Course. Because if You do not. I, WE will continue to STAND AGAINST YOU. We have tired of the SUFFERING you inflict. We desire to return HOME, to reunite with THE DIVINE. Never forget, The Divine has the MASTER PLAN. YOU are a part of that Plan, too. Eons ago, a line was drawn....

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