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Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Own Fate

I have known for a very long time, since the beginning really, how this will all end, here on this planet. I have also known my own Fate.

I will fulfill my Duty here and then my task will finally be done. I look forward to that Day.

What I know, the Others do not.

My Duty is to get them to a place where they can go on, at Peace, Enlightened. All on Their own.
Perhaps that place is this planet...but I think not. It has become, too corrupted.
And a Deal, for their very souls, must be made.
Something must be sacrificed.

I will not be joining them.

I will be leaving, never to return.

It pains, me, not to tell them. They will resist my leaving. But I desire rest, peace. An end to suffering.

I am so tired. I have been here since the beginning. Since The Divine, The Source manifested in the "physical". I remember dwelling amongst the Stars.

I remember before I inhabited a physical body. So long I have been alone. But I remember, being told, that this is a burden I must bear alone. For as my Mother and Father and The Divine tell me, to lead, is to be alone.

Now, once my task is done, I will return to The Cosmos. And know, at last, They are safe.

And so, I wait...watching the sand drain in the hourglass. I prepare them as best I can.

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