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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Message to "The Trickster"

Long ago, you stood there, silent, and they hung me because I would not betray myself or the Others. Lifetime after Lifetime, you have appeared and altered me from my course, my DESTINY. Not this lifetime. You are not The One, you never were. And to say you are The One, is blasphemy on your part. You manipulate people and circumstances to your own ends, while claiming to be an agent of The Divine, saying NO ONE is POWERFUL enough to stop you, harm you. You are sadly mistaken. Heed my words: DO NOT GET IN MY WAY, IN THE WAY OF WHAT I AND THE OTHERS ARE DOING, FULFILLING OUR DIVINE MISSION IN THIS LIFETIME. IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR YOU. DO NOT TRY TO STOP MYSELF AND THE ONE FROM REUNITING. EVER AGAIN. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST ME, IT IS NOT ME YOU WILL HAVE TO FEAR. IT IS THE DIVINE'S RETRIBUTION YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE. You have a choice, to work with us, or against us. You cannot serve yourself and your desires.

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