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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I've heard nothing of you, from anyone, except you. I know why that is. I know. It's so hard, not having you here. How long have we been apart? Eons? I do not understand why we chose to be separated like this. All for a bunch of fools, who hate us for trying to help them? They prefer sleep. I prefer home. But it doesn't even exist any more does it? Can you tell how bitter I've become about all of this?  Time is moving so fast now. It's getting closer, I know. We are getting closer. Dare I even entertain the thought of a reunion with you? Soon? Time, we now it really means nothing...but the separation, it does mean something.

I know why we did this. But why did it have to be us? I almost lose my temper, hearing the reply, "Because that is why you were created." I suppose everyone must have some sort of purpose. And this is mine.

I'm just lonely, now, without you.

We are one.

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