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A Visit to The Upper Realms

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Monday, October 19, 2015


How many times have I wielded the sword only to cut my own throat? oh, the memories, they return now, and the pain. the pain. I wage a war against myself again and again. how many eons has it been? no more. it ends now.

A Defeat in battle

Am I doomed to be alone forever, Mother? What have I done in the past to deserve to be so alone. I have sought The One for eons.....perhaps we are not meant to be.  If this is to be my fate so be it. I will continue to serve You and Father and The Divine as best as I can. Stand Sure. There is no Death, there is no Pain, there is no Fear, there is only Peace and We are ONE.

An icy death

My heart has been run through. I lie on the ice and scream in agony. I call to Mother and Father and The Divine to save me. My lover stands over me his sword red with my blood. My eyes go dull as I freeze fast to the ground. Release at last. It is finally over. I won the battle....


I tear myself from the frozen ground stand and let out a battlecry that levels my enemy. "Betrayal only inspires me to fight harder!" I scream at my lover. He is on his hands and knees, too stunned to speak.  I call for my  brothers and sisters to join me in conquering the mountain.......

All Alone

Alone again tonight. My heart frozen in ice again. Awaiting your breath to warm it to life. Must I search another eon? Or is this simply my fate.....do you even exist? Doubts cloud my mind. I continue along my path....all alone.

The Race

I am running a race to rejoin the Divine. I run alone, no one seems to be able to keep up with me. Sometimes I slow, and linger for a while, but never for long. I have my eye on the prize. But sometimes I question: "Will I be alone? Or will there be others there to greet me? " If Nirvana is the Ultimate, will I just be in a state of bliss? Not caring if I'm alone or not? Will my state of existence be frozen like I am here? Or will there be movement? Adventure? What is existence without struggle? I have known no other way....fighting battle after battle. What happens when I win the war? Does it even matter? I've been told by my Brother that it is not the destination but the journey itself is what is to be cherished. The race. The journey. Some days I feel so tired I want to lay down and cease to exist. To just be done. Other days I feel renewed, light on my feet, the steps come easy. What is the Truth? What is the Goal? And isn't the end only a new beginning?


and the Wheel turns on and on, ever faster......but what is at the hub of the Wheel? The Divine? Change, grow, shift, rearrange....I desire something new....such as the new beginning that will come with Spring. I am ready to awaken, shed my old skin and greet this great adventure we call...LIFE.

The Mantra

We are One. We are Strong. We are Safe. We are Protected. We are free from Fear and Danger.
There is no Death. There is no Pain. There is no Fear. There is only Peace.
We are One.


I was told I needed to learn patience...I have never had any. One to always jump, react, quick to judge, quick to fight...I never saw the point of waiting...
Now I do.
I prefer now to stand back and observe...look around...at all possibilities...be more cautious, les reckless, not so fast....give myself time to listen to my own inner voice more....and really listen and do what feels right and good....
I still ask a lot of questions...I'm just more willing now to wait for the answers.....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cutting Ties

The last of the old Guard has been sent away. They All still haunt me sometimes. Did I fail them somehow? Or is it the other way around? Did they fail me? Fail US? In the end, They failed Themselves.

And where are YOU? This has become a last Deed, an final Test. For I have come to accept that I must do this alone. All this Time I waited. Hoping to find you, I lingered HERE. No more. Perhaps you await me on the Other Side. I do not know. It no longer even matters.

I have learned. I need NO ONE but Myself. I will see this last task done. And then, I will linger HERE no longer. I will go ON.

Goodbye, my Love. Goodbye to those I once called Brothers and Sisters.

Once again, I begin.