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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Race

I am running a race to rejoin the Divine. I run alone, no one seems to be able to keep up with me. Sometimes I slow, and linger for a while, but never for long. I have my eye on the prize. But sometimes I question: "Will I be alone? Or will there be others there to greet me? " If Nirvana is the Ultimate, will I just be in a state of bliss? Not caring if I'm alone or not? Will my state of existence be frozen like I am here? Or will there be movement? Adventure? What is existence without struggle? I have known no other way....fighting battle after battle. What happens when I win the war? Does it even matter? I've been told by my Brother that it is not the destination but the journey itself is what is to be cherished. The race. The journey. Some days I feel so tired I want to lay down and cease to exist. To just be done. Other days I feel renewed, light on my feet, the steps come easy. What is the Truth? What is the Goal? And isn't the end only a new beginning?

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