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Friday, October 2, 2015

Cutting Ties

The last of the old Guard has been sent away. They All still haunt me sometimes. Did I fail them somehow? Or is it the other way around? Did they fail me? Fail US? In the end, They failed Themselves.

And where are YOU? This has become a last Deed, an final Test. For I have come to accept that I must do this alone. All this Time I waited. Hoping to find you, I lingered HERE. No more. Perhaps you await me on the Other Side. I do not know. It no longer even matters.

I have learned. I need NO ONE but Myself. I will see this last task done. And then, I will linger HERE no longer. I will go ON.

Goodbye, my Love. Goodbye to those I once called Brothers and Sisters.

Once again, I begin.

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