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A Visit to The Upper Realms

I came to stand before Them.  "Who is Them?", you ask? Them is They, the Eternal Ones, The Divine Ones Who Have Been And Will Alwa...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Falling Stars

In the Upper Realms....

What as once meant to Be....

At the Gathering Place, where it will All come to pass....

We were all there, preparing, we were all together, standing up high, looking out at the field where the Fate of The Cosmos will be determined. We were One, united in The Divine Plan.

And then it changed...again...

I saw another one of Us fall.  Another Star. I have seen many over the years do so.

This one was bright and special, meant for wonderous things. One that, like the others, had been specially chosen by The Divine to play a role in The Divine Plan.  But, alas, it seems not to be.

Dragged down, as the others were, by the mundane, the jealous, the petty. Such a pity. Perhaps to never rise again. Because Time itself speeds up, there is no time for delay, we cannot wait for them to catch up. We must keep moving forward.

The Opposition, so subtle, this One was not even aware of their descent. Most are not until it is too late.

So, the rest of Us, we keep going, and on the path behind lay the fallen Stars.

Once again, I grieve their loss.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Divine Gifts Part II

In the Upper Realms....

I kneel before The Divine, and The Mother and Father.

"You were bestowed a Gift long ago, it is now time for you to use it." the voice booms and echos in my head.

"The gift of Voice, so that you may speak Our message, inspire and rally the Others."

"I thank you All for this Gift." is my reply.

"Then use it!" They say.

Armed with the Gifts of Voice, Divine Love, Divine Justice and Divine Grace I return to the Lower Realms.,.....