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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bared Soul

My love, very life, my one,
All our differences are at an end,
Let the pettiness be done,
It is only love I now send.

I pray for you,
To all aspects, the very Divine,
To see you through,
I beg the Divine for a sign.

To think of the time I discarded,
Although it now it matters naught,
Please let us not be parted,
It truly matters nothing what I sought.

I care naught for what is said,
Only to see you well,
Safe in our bed,
It is the very universe I will now compel!

Monday, December 12, 2011


My brother,

Always by my side,
Forever and a day,
Despite the rising tide,
You stay.

My defender,
Because of You,
I will never surrender,
You have always seen me through.

No word need pass,
Between you and I,
It is ever your hand I grasp,
When earth meets sky.

I would see you well, Brother,
Safe from any pain,
All will discover,
That we stand and fight, again.