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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Vision is Revealed (Part 1)

In the Astral Realms, there is a place. It is my place. Dark and forbidding at times, sparkling with Light at others. It depends on One's perspective, I suppose. All see as they wish to see in the Astral. Set atop steep mountains, looking out over large fields. From its uppermost spire I see the places of the Others, perched the same as mine, allies all.

Time is a strange concept here. Perhaps what is to take place already has taken place, or is simply occurring again. The Great Wheel is always in motion, always turning. The Cosmos constantly dealing Birth and Death simultaneously.

There are convergences, however. These take place when things have become unbalanced. In what we know as The Now, another convergence is soon to come.

I have seen this and I am not alone in seeing it, feeling it, knowing it. Here is what is to come:

Inside my fortress there is a small door leading to The Upper Realms. I enter and commune with Those Who Have Gone Before Me. (Those Who Will Come Again.) I seek guidance and strength from Them. They provide the tools necessary. I reemerge from The Upper Realms. One last time.

I proceed outside the Inner Sanctuary. And see the Others, the Allies. We have gathered All to Us. For Now is the Time. At long last, the waiting is over. Now for action. We say quick things to each Other. We have been together for longer than any of Us can remember, so We need say little.

In a procession we ascend to the tallest spires. We look out over the fields. All of Ours are gathered there. Looking out farther, They, The Opposition have gathered as well. I do not feel fear, only sadness that They feel Opposed at all. Opposed to embracing The Divine within themselves. For here is the great mystery exposed. The great divide, the great schism, the unbalance in the Cosmos. Opposition to The Divine that lies within each of us. Even I do not know when it first occurred. This self-loathing, self-denial, self-love. When did hatred and fear first emerge? Only The Divine knows, truly.

But now the Time has come. NOW......

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