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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Break the Spell

And The Wheel Turns...

I saw you, from afar, across the freezing wasteland. Your back turned to me, as always. When I approached, our eyes met, and I saw you had not changed. Rather than anger, I felt only pity. So I turned away from you. I could hear your anger, but it mattered naught. I walked away and resumed my journey.

Lifetime after lifetime we have encountered each other. And there has been a lesson in that.  In this lifetime, everything changes. I change. I release you. I have learned the lesson. The lesson of letting go. Letting you go.

The spell is broken. Go now, and while I pray you, too can learn, it is not my place to try to change you. I no longer even possess the desire to try.

Things and people come back to me again and again, and the lesson of it all is to let go.

I release you. Fare well.

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