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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I stand at the edge of the abyss called life,
And call to you through pain and strife,
Hoping and praying that you'll hear,
That you will and never come is my fear.

Sorrows have all but beaten me to the ground,
But somewhere deep inside was where I found,
The strength to stand again and call,
At the abyss despite the fall.

Moving mountains with my mind,
Always searching, praying to find,
Crawling around among the thorns,
Heedless of how they've scratched and torn.

My soul to bits and despite the pain,
I stand and call to you again,
The wind it howls and tears my flesh,
But I turn it in and start afresh.

Looking for you with my mind's eye,
And I'll be searching till the day I die,
For the dragonslayer in the night,
Who rescues me from my plight.

It's winter now,
But I am warm and safe
I'm with him, I am by his side,
Nothing, no one, no time matters,
We are one and we are strong.

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