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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silent Scream

It's the death that grips me now,
I've often stopped and wondered how,
A person like me could stand the pain,
Over and over, once again.

My heart torn to shreds,
My soul bare to threads,
The agony of this life,
The struggles, the strife.

It's just a silent scream,
The loss of my only dream,
Dashed to bits, torn away,
Knowing that you'll never stay.

Who would want this battered being,
Always looking, never seeing?
Scarred forever, marked and cursed,
Never quenched, only thirst.

With a soul like a black hole,
Sucking in those who stole,
What little I knew,
This is over, I'm through.

Death falls over me like a shroud,
I'm the shadow in the crowd,
People just keep pushing right along,
And I continue to live the lie.

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