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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bared Soul

My love, very life, my one,
All our differences are at an end,
Let the pettiness be done,
It is only love I now send.

I pray for you,
To all aspects, the very Divine,
To see you through,
I beg the Divine for a sign.

To think of the time I discarded,
Although it now it matters naught,
Please let us not be parted,
It truly matters nothing what I sought.

I care naught for what is said,
Only to see you well,
Safe in our bed,
It is the very universe I will now compel!

Monday, December 12, 2011


My brother,

Always by my side,
Forever and a day,
Despite the rising tide,
You stay.

My defender,
Because of You,
I will never surrender,
You have always seen me through.

No word need pass,
Between you and I,
It is ever your hand I grasp,
When earth meets sky.

I would see you well, Brother,
Safe from any pain,
All will discover,
That we stand and fight, again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here I am, once again,
Taking up my tired old pen,
Scratching down letters,
That like words, describe no better.

What I feel such hate, such rage,
Tone them down, they burn the page.

Sometimes I say, just let it go,
Only to remember, and tell myself no.

It's all too painful, now I see,
To let someone to glance inside of me.

Because tomorrow will be just like yesterday,
When I most want to talk, I'm turned away.

It's all in my timing, I truly know,
I catch you busy, you've got to go.

It os elsewhere, not on this earth,
Where busy is nothing, time is mirth.

That's whjen someone stops, who knows me well,
And never caring what I'd fallen on, picks me when I fall.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A prayer, A Plea


There is no death,
Only peace.

I yield to you and your awesome power,
I humbly submit to your will.
Please forgive my transgressions.

Your absence is unbearable.

I wait, am still and patient.

Blessed Be

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Race

We run together,
For our lives, for our souls,
Ever seeking,
The prize.

Others fall behind,
They no longer matter,
We run side by side,
Sure of our path.

Nothing, no one else matters,
Only us,
And our destination,
We love the race.

We breathe together,
If one falters,
The other lends strength,
We are One.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood sacrfice

I die every day for you,
Give you all of me freely,
You know it's true,
It's simply the price.

I have bled,
I have weeped,
I have said,
Everything is all, yours.

You cause me pain,
You humiliate me,
Again and again,
I am dead.

I only wanted to live,
To be yours,
I've given all I have to give,
To my gried it's not enough.

The tower

I see the tower,
I should have known,
That things would end,
With me as the coward.

Why did it matter?
I closed my eyes,
I let myself shatter,
I believed your lies.

I let you murder me,
I should have seen the signs,
But I love you so,
Why do I cling to you as I die?

It is over now,
I see the truth,
You let me die,
To you I was no one.


The tears they fall now,
Like rain from the sky,
Will this ever cease?
No, not until I die.

On my knees I pray,
As the blood pours,
Only for you to stay,
I dream the impossible.

I die a little more each day,
As you plunge the knife in,
Again and again, it's your way,
What have I done?

You said you'd never hurt me,
But you have,
So now I see,

You've broken my heart,
Broken me,
I knew it from the start,
What this would be.

I have cried unending tears for you,
But it's not enough,
So now I end,
My fate is that and I am at peace.

I only ever wanted you.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I stand at the edge of the abyss called life,
And call to you through pain and strife,
Hoping and praying that you'll hear,
That you will and never come is my fear.

Sorrows have all but beaten me to the ground,
But somewhere deep inside was where I found,
The strength to stand again and call,
At the abyss despite the fall.

Moving mountains with my mind,
Always searching, praying to find,
Crawling around among the thorns,
Heedless of how they've scratched and torn.

My soul to bits and despite the pain,
I stand and call to you again,
The wind it howls and tears my flesh,
But I turn it in and start afresh.

Looking for you with my mind's eye,
And I'll be searching till the day I die,
For the dragonslayer in the night,
Who rescues me from my plight.

It's winter now,
But I am warm and safe
I'm with him, I am by his side,
Nothing, no one, no time matters,
We are one and we are strong.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silent Scream

It's the death that grips me now,
I've often stopped and wondered how,
A person like me could stand the pain,
Over and over, once again.

My heart torn to shreds,
My soul bare to threads,
The agony of this life,
The struggles, the strife.

It's just a silent scream,
The loss of my only dream,
Dashed to bits, torn away,
Knowing that you'll never stay.

Who would want this battered being,
Always looking, never seeing?
Scarred forever, marked and cursed,
Never quenched, only thirst.

With a soul like a black hole,
Sucking in those who stole,
What little I knew,
This is over, I'm through.

Death falls over me like a shroud,
I'm the shadow in the crowd,
People just keep pushing right along,
And I continue to live the lie.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


In the end, there is only death
Betrayal is all around
It cuts deep like knives
Who do I turn to now?
There is no one
I stand alone forever.

There is fear and rage
I coil like a snake
The wolves gather around
My enemies quake in fear
I stand strong and destroy
All those who seek to hurt me
They fall like leaves
Before my presence.

I stand alone
It is my fate
I must not fall

I only wanted love
But I only receive pain
I conquer
And the tears stain my face.